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LGD is a well known company with an enviable reputation in the supply and maintenance of lifting gear. As well as manufacturers of a range of products including lifting gantry systems and Jib cranes.  Here at LGD we can provide expert advice and provide solutions for many different types of lifting tasks. With a state of the art manufacturing facility you can trust that all products are of the highest quality made in-house by expert fabricators who have years of experience in the field and come complete with full test certificates. LGD was first started in 2004 by Stephen and Dale Shaw however prior to this they worked and gained experience from their father Stan Shaw who had worked in the industry for more than 40 years prior to his retirement. The whole team at LGD have years of experience and all engineers are highly trained. Customers can rely on LGD knowing they are getting expert advice from people who have been in the industry for many years and getting quality products. With their own fleet of vehicles they can deliver to suit customer requirements and also attend to on-site services and repairs when required. LGD pride themselves on being highly competitive on prices and being able to provide solutions to all lifting tasks. Items such as slings, eyebolts and shackles are kept in stock and can be dispatched for next day delivery or customers can collect from the factory the same day. Majority of other items can be fetched and can be with the customer in 1-2 days. LGD strive to ensure that they meet any time restraints the customer may have which means customers can rely on the service provided without worrying about whether they will receive the products on time. LGD has expanded its business to reach new industries and to provide a wider range of customers with the products they need to succeed at their tasks, with their sister company Rope Services Direct based on the same estate with their own state of the art factory they can also provide specialist slings and wire ropes at competitive prices.

LGD Products Supplied By Lifting Gear Direct

500kg Scissor Lift Table TF50


About the TF50 Scissor Lift Table 500kg  With a half tone load capacity an..

1 Tonne Duplex Web Sling 1 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

1 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


1 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features Here we have a 1 tonne duplex web sling which..

1 Tonne Round Sling 1 Tonne Round Sling

1 Tonne Round Sling


About the 1 Tonne Round Sling Part of our lifting sling range, this 1 tonne rou..

10 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


10 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features  Like the rest of its stable mates, thi..

1000kg Scissor Lift Table TF100


About the TF100 Scissor Lift Table 1000kg Sitting at the top of the TF series i..

12 Tonne Round Sling 12 Tonne Round Sling

12 Tonne Round Sling


About the 12 Tonne Round Sling Bringing with it all the benefits of our other l..

150kg Scissor Lift Table TF15


About the TF15 Scissor Lift Table 150kg One of many scissor table lifts we supp..

1600kg Cable Puller (economy range)

1600kg Cable Puller (economy range)


About the 1600kg Cable Puller Lift, pull and tension loads easily with thi..

2 Tonne Duplex Web Sling 2 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

2 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


About the 2 Tonne Duplex Websling This is a 2 tonne duplex web sling, perfect f..

2 Tonne Round Sling 2 Tonne Round Sling

2 Tonne Round Sling


About the 2 Tonne Round Sling Round slings are an appealing lifting option if y..

2000kg Stainless steel Pallet Truck DBCS20


Features of the 2000kg Stainless steel Pallet Truck DBCS20  ..

2500kg Pallet Truck BF2500A


Part of our pallet truck range, the BF2500A is an effective, efficient option fo..

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