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Load Cells

At Lifting Gear Direct we stock and supply load and force calculation equipment from big name brands at competitive prices, with our load cell line up reflecting the variety on offer across the rest of our lifting equipment range. A crane load cell or weight load cell can help determine the weight and forces implied on a load and therefore offer an additional safety aspect to lifting applications.

Dynafor LLX1 Load Cell Indicator


About the Dynafor LLX1 Load Cell Indicator  Offering versatile functionali..

Dynafor LLX2 Load Cell


About the Dynafor LLX2 Load Cell  Dynafor is a manufacturer of high qualit..

Dynafor LLXH Load Cell


About the Dynafor LLXH Load Cell  One of many load and force calculation p..

Loadlink Plus Load Cell Straightpoint


About the Loadlink Plus Load Cell Having the right load and force calculation e..

Radiolink Plus Wireless Dynamometer Load Cell Straightpoint


About the Radiolink Plus Wireless Dynamometer Load Cell One of a number of loa..

Wirelink Plus Digital Dynamometer Load Cell Straightpoint


About the Wirelink Plus Digital Dynamometer Load Cell Straightpoint is a well-k..

Yale Tigrip TZL Load Cell


About the Yale Tigrip TZL Load Cell  Yale makes lots of different lifting ..

Yale Tigrip TZR Load Cell


About the Yale Tigrip TZR Load Cell  Built to last and with an impressive ..

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Load Cells

About Load Cells

Load Cells provide the means to calculate load and force measurements on many lifting applications. They can measure in a range of measuring units including; kg, tonnes, lbs & kN.

Being able to measure the load that is being applied to equipment is important if you want to perform a variety of operations as safely as possible. It is not sensible to let guesswork take the wheel when lives are on the line and taking risks will likely lead to property damage as well as lost productivity. With the right load cell, you can steer clear of these issues with ease.

Tension load cell

These compact measuring devices have either a digital display incorporated into the main unit, or they may have a remote control hand held display, these enable clear and easy reading of all measurements and calculations.

Our load cell range has models with varying capacities, the largest having a 500 tonne lifting capacity.

Crane Load cell manufacturer options

We endeavour to offer customers as many different product options as possible in our load cells line up, meaning that you can order products from brands you know and recognised.

Straightpoint, Red Rooster, Dynafor and Yale are amongst the companies whose load cells we supply.

Whether you have an allegiance to a particular brand already or you are looking to expand your horizons with a bit of kit from a fresh manufacturer, Lifting Gear Direct can help.

Other useful equipment

A load cell can be the cornerstone of a good lifting setup but you might also require other products to optimise your ability to operate effectively.

Add in a crane scale to accurately measure weights, opt to order a custom gantry system to give you the framework for convenient, portable lifting and see what else LGD can do for you by searching our site.

Get advice when buying a Weight load cell

You do not need to fumble in the dark for the right load cell, as our experts can talk you through the range, explain particular products and also give you a quote to make things simple. Email LGD or call us on 01384 76961 to get the ball rolling.

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