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Hydraulic Fittings

Lifting Gear Direct can supply hydraulic fittings for several types of hydraulic lifting equipment, giving you the flexibility to maintain, repair and update a number of practical products that are essential to your everyday operations.  Hydraulic hoses, couplers, gauges and manifolds can all be found on our website.

2 Port Manifold 2 Port Manifold

2 Port Manifold


About the 2 Port Manifold for Hydraulic Systems When you need to use two hydrau..

3 Port Manifold


About the 3 Port Manifold for Hydraulics These 3 port manifolds are perfect if ..

4 Port Manifold 4 Port Manifold

4 Port Manifold


About the 4 Port Manifold for Hydraulic Applications The 4 port manifold allows..

6 Port Manifold


About the 6 Port Manifold for Hydraulic Systems This 6 port manifold is the lar..

Hydraulic Ball Coupler


About the ball coupler Ball type couplers are often the preferred choice when i..

Hydraulic Hoses


About Hoses used in Hydraulics Because hoses used in hydraulic systems have to ..

Hydraulic One Touch Couplers


About the one Touch Hydraulic Coupler There are 2 parts to this hydraulic one t..

Pressure Gauge Adapters Pressure Gauge Adapters

Pressure Gauge Adapters


About Pressure Gauge Adapters Our pressure gauge adapter is is from our hydraul..

Pressure Gauge Block Pressure Gauge Block

Pressure Gauge Block


About the Pressure Gauge Block This gauge block is used when connecting a press..

Pressure Gauge Face Pressure Gauge Face

Pressure Gauge Face


About the Pressure Gauge Face Pressure gauges are commonly used in hydraulic sy..

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Hydraulic Fittings

Hydraulic Fittings for every need

We have an ever-growing line up of hydraulic fittings for you to choose between, sourced from reputable brands including GT and capable of providing a combination of quality and cost-effectiveness. 

You can order everything from hoses and couplers to gauges and manifolds; in short, everything you might require for making improvements or adjustments to your equipment that is hydraulically operated. 

Hydraulic lifting product options

If you need a dedicated piece of lifting equipment to tackle different tasks, you will find a vast family of products available to browse and order right here at LGD. 

We supply hydraulic floor jacks which are widely used in a range of industries and settings, offering you the ability to raise and lower larger loads with ease, avoiding the stresses and strains of manual handling. 

We also offer bottle jacks and cylinders which run the gamut from small and compact to large and heavy duty in design. Paired with the right fittings, these products can do a lot to boost productivity and also improve overall convenience. 

Got a question?

Our team can talk you through our hydraulic fitting range, give you advice on other equipment and provide competitive quotes when you email LGD or give us a call on 01384 76961 for further information.

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